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industry leading GPS Fleet management solution

All-In-One Solution For Fleet & Asset Tracking

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Real-time, go-anywhere information

Receive warning messages to email and SMS to keep track of your fleet even when you aren't in the office. Monitor speed, direction, starts and stops, plus numerous additional G-force related performance statistics. User-friendly, in-depth reporting. Generate reports that detail every aspect of you vehicle’s location, speed, idle time and more.


Find your vehicles - fast

Take control of your fleet operation today using FleetTracker.CA fleet management system. FleetTracker.CA can provide you with a comprehensive fleet tracking solution that includes features like real time tracking, text messaging and route planning. For many industries, having access to fleet tracking information is essential to optimizing their business, and in turn providing the best possible service to their customers.

Online Mapping

Easy-to-use online tracking software allows you to locate your unit any time you like from any internet enabled device.

A Complete Solution

With a wide-range of solutions for Fleet management, temperature monitoring, driver safety and more, we offer one unified platform to streamline your business and lower costs.

Extend the life of your fleet

Reduce maintenance costs with engine monitoring that allows you to view and record excessive driving habits and avoid equipment downtime by sending diagnostic codes right to the front office.

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